Monday, March 31, 2008

Homeshcooling in Georgia

Every state in the United States establish its own homeschooling regulations. If you are going to start homeschooling in Georgia, then you have to examine the legal aspects. Some states do not have any regulations while others may have a degree of flexibility in the regulations.

The regulations share certain similarities. One of them is the professional evaluation of the student’s progress, curriculum approval and test scores. Parents also need to inform the respective educational board if they homeschool their children. You may need to fill in some forms. If you have a good record, then you have nothing to hide from the state.

However, for states with no home schooling requirements, it does not at all require the parents to start any contact. Such states with no home schooling requirements are Illinois, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Guam territories, Michigan, and Connecticut. Also, parents are not obliged to inform the school districts telling them that they are planning to home school their children.

States with low home schooling regulations still require parents to notify their respective school district about homeschooling their children. Beside this, you have nothing else to comply. States with low regulation about home schooling are Nevada, California, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Virgin Islands territories, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Kentucky, Delaware, Alabama, and Washington D.C.

For states with moderate regulations, the parents have to submit the test scores, notification and render professional evaluation of their children’s progress. States that fall under this group are Oregon, South Dakota, Colorado, Iowa, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and territories of Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa.

As parents, you can see why it is a burden if you happen to be in the states that have highest controls. In this situation, you must hand in the achievement scores or notification, professional evaluation of your child’s progress and the a state-approved written curriculum, and parents qualification as teachers. Sometimes, the state officials give surprise visit to monitor your child’s development. States with strict requirements include Washington, North Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Be a Georgian, you are pretty much luckier than the rest of the homeschooling parents in other states. Nevertheless, homeshcooling in Georgia still needs a certain level of requirement. Just follow the rules and your child will not need to return to the public school.

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